ClimateClever Initiative
2018 Program Application
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Before we begin, please note that part of the requirements of the program is to form a ClimateClever committee. We will need the names of your core members.

This includes the following representatives:
* A teacher
* A business manager
* A community representative (parent or P&F/P&C member)
(They can change as you go & you can add later too)
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Please note that you must have your Principal's support to proceed.

Your school: *

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And what type of school are you? *

How many students do you expect to have in 2018? *

If a secondary school, how many students do you have in year 11 and 12 combined?

These will be deducted from your annual cost. Please enter N/A if you are not a secondary school.
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Please list the names & emails of your core committee members.

You can change this at any time.
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Business Manager representative

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Student rep:

Please read and tick yes if you agree to the Terms & Conditions: 


In order to participate in the program, you must agree to the terms and conditions.
Are you signing up in a group? If yes, please list the names of the other schools separated by commas.

If applicable, please enter the promotional code here.

If you require a purchase order for the invoice we will send you, please enter it below.

(The price will be based on $8/student. Or $7/student if in a group of 3 or more)
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Thank you for your signing up to our 2018 Pilot
ClimateClever Program!

We will send an invoice and more information to get you started shortly.